Thank you for taking a moment to learn about my counseling practice. As a counselor since 1995, my passion has been supporting children and adults as they grieve and heal from loss experiences in medical and hospice settings, support groups and mental health clinics.

My work with people in grief has taught me some important lessons. One is that sharing your story in a safe place with people you trust facilitates a normal healing process, ultimately allowing you to reengage with life.  Secondly, as I have sat in close proximity to those facing death or grieving loved ones, I have learned about the value of living life fully and well.

I desire to help people in their personal journeys to be well in body, mind and spirit, and to live their lives with more energy, purpose and fulfillment. As a special focus of my counseling practice, I am committed to supporting people in their grief – whether it be from a death, illness or significant life transition.

What does it mean to you to be well? To heal from a painful life experience?  To thrive in your work or at school?  To live your life with a greater sense of purpose? To be more creative or generous? To have healthy relationships?  If you wonder about these things, counseling might be a good fit for you.